"St. Paul's Episcopal Church is proud to be a member of the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber occupies a central and vital position in our community's common life. There is no more effective central clearing house for information in our town, and now that the management of the Christmas Market has been spun off to its own organization, I look forward to the Chamber's becoming a major player in community planning and development. I urge all businesses and churches to join the organization so that it will be best situated to make a powerful impact on our future."
- The Very Reverend John C. Bettmann

Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

"The Carlinville Chamber of Commerce is important for the economic growth and development of Carlinville. It not only promotes its existing businesses but tries to bring new businesses to our town too. They are there to answer any questions or concerns and welcome visitors to our town. The Chamber displays any brochures , specials, or merchandise their members wish to display. They also have some ideas on ways to beautify the town.  Come join and help Carlinville grow!"
- Cindy Geninatti
Owner, My Sister's Closet

"H & H Construction Services has long been a supporter of the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce. We believe that all of us must work together to keep our community strong. Our Chamber shares that vision and we are proud to be a member. We have watched the Chamber grow in recent years and become a stronger advocate of business while still supporting the tourism and visitor traffic we have in Carlinville. The new mission and goals are evident of that commitment."
- Jim Hudson
President, H & H Construction Services

"Although my travel schedule makes it difficult for me to be involved with the Chamber of Commerce on a regular basis, it has been an important part of my life and work over the years. When I first came to Blackburn there was a 'Blackburn' spot on the Chamber Board of Directors. I agreed to fill that position and became involved in economic development activities.

Throughout the history of Blackburn College, the fortunes of the College and the fortunes of the City of Carlinville have been inextricably intertwined. During my tenure, the Chamber of Commerce has been one of the primary organizations through which that relationship plays out. We share an interest in high quality education, in economic development, in leadership development and in improving the quality of life.""
- Miriam Pride
 President, Blackburn College